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In the fall of 1978 while I was in Wisconsin, I had the privilege of touring an authentic old country smokehouse. As I walked through the door of the smokehouse, the strong scent of hickory touched my nose. The room was full of the mouth watering aroma and there were several kinds of meats hanging through out the room. The gentleman sliced off a sample and gave it to me to try. From that moment I knew I had to learn the art of smoking meats. The next week I bought a smoker and I’ve been trying to perfect the art ever since. On May 1st, 2001 Cutter’s Smokehouse was started with a desire to share my love of smoked meats with others. Our meats are smoked with 100% hickory wood. Even though we don’t think you’ll need sauce, we will be happy to serve you some on the side. We hope you enjoy your experience here!


~Dan Strimple, Tracy Trefz and the Cutter’s Smokehouse family~

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